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Production and Marketing

The Production and Marketing Department is made up of four (04) Sections; Crop (Agriculture), Veterinary, Fisheries and Entomology.

However, Agriculture is the major economic activity in the district of Masaka. The majority of farmers are Small Holders who grow both perennial crops that include; banana, coffee, while the annuals include; maize, sweet potatoes, beans, cassava, pineapples, passion fruits, horticulture and ground nut

Major livestock reared in the district would include; piggery, dairy, poultry, beef, Apiary and Fisheries production (capture and aqua-culture). This is done on small holdings with almost 45% of the households using less than 2.5 acres, 3 – 5 acres and approximately 20% having more than 5 acres.

Mandate and Key Functions of the Department

In line with the Government Act, of 1997, the Production and Marketing Department is mandated to implement the following functions;

The provision of training and extension services to Parish Model Farmers, with a particular focus on water usage in agricultural production, is vital for enhancing agricultural practices. These training programs aim to equip farmers with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize water resources efficiently.

Managing epidemic diseases, pests, and parasites that affect crops, animals, and fish is a crucial aspect of agricultural oversight. This includes activities such as timely reporting, thorough investigations, accurate diagnosis, continuous surveillance, vaccination, and treatment to safeguard agricultural productivity.

The support of extension services is essential for disseminating agricultural knowledge and best practices to farmers. These services bridge the gap between research and farmers, ensuring that innovative techniques and technologies are accessible to agricultural communities.

The collection of agricultural statistics is a fundamental task for informed decision-making in the agricultural sector. This process involves gathering data on crop yields, livestock numbers, and other relevant information to assess the sector’s performance and plan for improvements.

Inspecting and certifying agricultural inputs, including agro-biological and animal feeds, helps maintain the quality and safety of these products. This ensures that farmers have access to reliable and safe inputs for their agricultural activities.

Identifying and supporting Parish Model Farmers with dedicated extension workers is a strategic approach to improve agricultural practices. These model farmers serve as examples and mentors within their communities, promoting sustainable farming methods.

Ensuring veterinary public health is crucial to controlling zoonotic diseases and maintaining the hygiene of livestock products. This includes measures to prevent the spread of diseases from animals to humans and ensure the safety of animal-derived food products.

Enforcing agricultural laws and regulations, including those related to livestock and fisheries, is vital for maintaining the integrity of the agricultural sector. This involves controlling the movement of animals and animal products between districts, enforcing quarantine measures, and addressing animal welfare concerns.

Guiding the allocation of capital funds to support water infrastructure for Parish Model Farmers is a strategic investment in agricultural development. Adequate water resources are essential for sustaining agriculture and improving the livelihoods of farmers in rural communities.

Strategic direction of the department

The strategic direction of the department is highlighted as follows;

Strengthen production systems for sustainable production and productivity.

Increasing agricultural product market competitiveness through improved quality and standards.

Improving agro-processing, value addition, and storage, and increasing access to agricultural finances and insurance.

Strengthening the Institutional, legal, policy planning and regulatory framework for improved service delivery.

Responds to the following NDP III Programs

Agro-industrialization Programs

Agriculture staffing capacity

Service Delivery

Current Programs and Projects

NoProgram NameObjectivesProgress
1Program 1427
2Program 2650
3Program 3559
4Program 4446
5Program 518182

Finance Department Team

Clerk to Council
District Communication Officer
Community Officer

Our Appreciations

We thank all the people who continue to enable us to accomplish our mission; the local population, the Central Government, all our valuable Partners, and all the well-wishers. We wouldn’t do it without you. Thank you very much.

We are proud of our team and of the work we do at Masaka District Local Government. The road is still very long ahead, but we are sure, with your help, we shall accomplish our mission.

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