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Who are we?
Policy-making Organ of the Local Government

The District, headed by the LCV Chairperson, deliberates policy matters and make recommendations to the full Council of 30 Councilors.

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At the heart of UGanda
Discover the Heart of Uganda

Nestled in the heart of Uganda, Masaka Town is more than just a town; it’s the vibrant center of Masaka District. Join us on a journey to discover Masaka’s beauty and significance.

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Masaka District Local Government
Governance that Matters

At Masaka District Local Government, we believe in shaping policies that make a difference. Learn about our governance structure and how we’re committed to providing essential services, from healthcare to education.

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“To achieve sustainable socio-economic development through efficient provision of quality services to the people of Masaka district in conformity with national policies and local priorities.”


“Eliminate Poverty by Building a Strong and Self-Sustaining Local Economy within the next 30 Years.”


“To achieve sustainable socio-economic development through efficient provision of quality services to the people of Masaka district in conformity with national policies and local priorities.”

Latest News & Updates

Procurement Notices

Period of Assessment

This section should be filled by both the Appraiser and the Appraisee. At the beginning of each assessment period, the Appraiser and Appraisee will agree on the key outputs for the assessment period. The means by which performance shall be measured …

Staff Performance Appraisal

Staff Performance Appraisal is part of the Performance Management System for the Public Service of Uganda. It is used as a management tool…

Tractor Procurement

Masaka District Council is the policy-making organ of the Local Government. The District is headed by the LCV Chairperson who is supported by an Executive of members and sectoral Committees which; deliberate …

Recruitment for New Employees

Growing with Our Customers Our Customers are our greatest asset. They drive us to invest and in turn, our innovations help them transform. We work together to understand their need and then, work to fulfill those needs.

Geographical Characteristic

Masaka District is one of the oldest districts in Uganda. Originally, it consisted of Rakai, Kalangala, Sembabule, Kalungu, Bukomansimbi, and Lwengo making it once the largest district in Uganda…

Administrative Setup

The Resident District Commissioner represents the President in the District and ensures that both National and Local priorities are given due consideration and are implemented in an accountable manner. The office is responsible for monitoring all government programs…

Our Projects

Rural Road Network Expansion - Masaka District Local Government
The Rural Road Network Expansion project is geared towards connecting remote and rural communities with the broader transportation network. It
Education Infrastructure Development - Masaka District Local Government
The Education Infrastructure Development project focuses on improving educational facilities throughout the district. It involves the construction and renovation of
Healthcare Expansion Project - Masaka District Local Government
The Healthcare Expansion Project aims to enhance the accessibility and quality of healthcare services in Masaka District. This initiative involves

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Regarding local rules, buying and selling land, taxes, domestic disputes, etc. We’re here to help! Your inquiries matter to us, and we’re committed to providing you with the information and assistance you need. ?

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