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Departments Summary

Administratively, Masaka District is composed of both technical staff and a political wing that is composed of statutory bodies as per the highlight.

Clerk to Council
District Communication Officer
Community Officer
I.T. Officer
Bio Statician
District Engineer
Secretary Service Commission
District Health officer
District Production Officer

Our Appreciations

We thank all the people who continue to enable us to accomplish our mission; the local population, the Central Government, all our valuable Partners, and all the well-wishers. We wouldn’t do it without you. Thank you very much.

We are proud of our team and of the work we do at Masaka District Local Government. The road is still very long ahead, but we are sure, with your help, we shall accomplish our mission.

Other Departments

NoDepartment NameMembers, as of 16th August 2023Role and Responsibilities
1Administration Department47Responds to the following NDP III Programmes: Governance and Security Program, Public Sector Transformation, Administration of Justice, Legislature, Digital Transformation, and Human Capital Development.
2Finance Department7Responds to the following NDP III Programmes: Development plan implementation.
3Planning3Is mandated to conduct the following: Development plan implementation, Regional development, and Public sector transformation.
4Production17Providing training and extension services to Farmers, controlling diseases and pests in crops and animals, collecting Agricultural Statistics, ensuring veterinary public health, enforcing agricultural laws, and allocating capital funds for water infrastructure for Parish Model Farmers.
5Technical Services & Works16The Department responds to the following NDP III programs: Integrated transport infrastructure and services, Sustainable urbanization and housing, Agro-industrialization, and Regional Development.
6Community-Based Services4Community mobilization and mindset change, Administration of Justice, and Human capital development.
7Natural Resources11Enforces national policies on natural resource utilization, provides environmental impact assessments, manages land issues, appraises technical proposals for impact assessments, and promotes information dissemination about natural resources through education and outreach programs.
8Trade & Industry5Responds to the following NDP III Programmes: Tourism development, Manufacturing, Private sector development, Innovation, technology development and transfer.
9Internal Audit2Monitors council expenditure, evaluates risk management, executes financial auditing, ensures value for money in financial and operational procedures, audits procurement and payments, and conducts manpower audits in line with budget and work plans.
10Procurement Unit2Managing procurement processes, ensuring adherence to accountability and financial procedures and regulations, and auditing procurement activities for transparency and efficiency.
11Education & Sports11Developing and implementing education policies, overseeing schools, ensuring quality education, and coordinating educational programs and resources to benefit the local community.
12Health Services8Ensure the well-being and health of the local population, including disease prevention, health promotion, and healthcare delivery.
13Sub-counties66Managing local governance, community development initiatives, infrastructure projects, and public services at the sub-county level to meet the needs of the local communities efficiently and effectively.

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