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Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Department is mandated to ensure conversation and sustainable management of the environment and natural resources in the district.

Responds to the following NDP III Programs

Integrated transport infrastructure and services

Sustainable urbanization and housing


Current Programs and Projects

NoProgram NameObjectivesProgress
1Program 1427
2Program 2650
3Program 3559
4Program 4446
5Program 518182

Finance Department Team

Clerk to Council
District Communication Officer
Community Officer

Our Appreciations

We thank all the people who continue to enable us to accomplish our mission; the local population, the Central Government, all our valuable Partners, and all the well-wishers. We wouldn’t do it without you. Thank you very much.

We are proud of our team and of the work we do at Masaka District Local Government. The road is still very long ahead, but we are sure, with your help, we shall accomplish our mission.

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