“Eliminate Poverty by Building a Strong and Self Sustaining Local Economy within 30 Years”

Mission Statement

“To achieve sustainable socio-economic development through efficient provision of quality services to the people of Masaka district in conformity with national policies and local priorities.

Mineral Resources & Industries

Mineral Resources

On mineral resources, no major geological studies have been out in the district to determine presence of minerals. However, there are indications about the abundant clay and sand that can be used for glass manufacturing. The major deposits are located on the shores of Lake Victoria like at Bukakata. Geological studies need to be carried out to assess the potentials. There are a number of stone queries and clay deposits that are used for providing construction materials. Efforts are being stepped up to have revenue mobilized and collected from these sources.

Opportunities for Industrial development:

There is presently no major mining activity in the District of Masaka as far as mineral resources are concerned. Masaka hasn't even a single heavy Industry. However, the development of light industries is possible in view of the fact that food crops and livestock are predominant since these tend to link themselves to agro based industries that include: Bottling factories for soft drinks such as passion fruits, Tomato juice and others, Canning factories for meat, Maize milling plants, Cannery Industries. Possible potential areas for industrial development include: Glass manufacturing, Creamers, Timber manufacturing, Fertilizer manufacturing…Establishment of the above industries would greatly improve the economic life of the district. The economic infrastructure is concentrated in Masaka Municipality These include communication industry, Banking, Insurance service, and others. But still what is available is inadequate if it is to meet the ever-increasing demand.

Coffee Factories:
Masaka District is predominatly agriculture , there are a few factories processing coffee and the type of proceessing is dry. There is need to upgrade these factories so that the quality of processing is improved. The factories are mainly in the Municipality though rural Sub ciunties like Kabonera and Mukugwe all have some factories though these fluctuate with the coffee seasons.

Agro-based Industries:

Agro-based industries like fruit processing, meat processing, hides and skins are also potential areas, which the private sector can take advantage of and in turn provide employment. Fruits like: Passion fruit, pineapples, mangos, oranges, avocado and tomatoes are in abundance and can effectively support fruit processing. There is extreme potential in the sub-counties of Kyanamukaka, Buwunga and even Mukugwe.

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