“Eliminate Poverty by Building a Strong and Self Sustaining Local Economy within 30 Years”

Mission Statement

“To achieve sustainable socio-economic development through efficient provision of quality services to the people of Masaka district in conformity with national policies and local priorities.

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OPD Utilisation


Just like the previous FY 14/15, there was a steady performance in Out Patient Department utilization. This is true from the start of the financial year to the last quarter of April-June. Note that the Target was 1 contact per person per year and 1.5 was achieved. As noted from previous financial years, this achievement may partly be attributed to presence of 2 Hospitals in the district that attract clientele beyond Masaka's catchment area.

Antenatal Attendance



The Number of Pregnant Mothers attending 1st ANC visit at facility also increased steadily analogous to the target line. 88.5% was the achievement at the end of the financial year 2015/16 declining by 8.3 from the FY 2014/15.

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